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Hi My name is Ginette and this is my story of the birth of Away 2 Heal. For the past 8 years I have been working to serve those who struggle mentally and emotionally in different and varied practices as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I began working in person but transitioned to telemedicine and began working with veterans and have had the privilege to hear their stories and hurts. While medications and talk therapies have a place, I saw a need for more options, creative ones to help clients find some peace.  

Our bodies possess a remarkable capacity to store and remember traumatic experiences, even when our conscious minds may not fully recall them. These stored memories can manifest in various physical and psychological symptoms, affecting our overall well-being.

Many suffer from loneliness, lack of purpose, feeling tossed aside, shame and guilt; things pills can not appease. I listened to my psychiatrist preceptor while in school relate how where he was from when it rained baby frogs were born. He asked me why did that happen which led to the discussion of how things can be dormant but in the right environment come to life. He used that analogy to point out the dormancy of mental illness while my mind began to think about the dormancy of good-mission, purpose, and authenticity which when given the right nourishing environment can grow.

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