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Using the power of environment, supportive community, and help finding one's purpose to help veterans who are struggling mentally to heal their invisible wounds and live vibrant lives. 

A Way2Heal


About Us

A Distinct Identity

Away 2 Heal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans who are struggling to heal from the invisible wounds of war and trauma. We use creativity and imagination as a tool to help these brave men and women heal, connect and find strength in themselves.

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing, and that each individual needs to find the right path for them. At Away 2 Heal, we utilize the power of imagination to help individuals heal from mental and emotional hurts. Our adventures both home and away are designed to provide a safe, nurturing environments for individuals to explore and process their experiences. We believe in the power of the creative process to bring about healing, and we use a variety of creative activities to help people gain insight into their own experience. Our aim is to help individuals find their own unique path to healing.

What We Do

Supportive Community

Another mission is to provide resources, support and education for veterans, so they can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. We provide veterans with tangible help for their needs, allowing them to feel valued and not alone. Each veteran is vetted and encouraged to imagine what resources they would need to feel whole.

Integrative Mind Body Medicine

Partnering with Nvelup Telehealh, we offer to veterans the opportunity from the comfort of their homes to partner with competent clinicians for an initial 3 month exploration and gain the benefit from the perspectives of a naturopath, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, life coach, therapist, psychiatric nurse practitioner. Together we develop a plan to give the best opportunity for the veteran to be mentally, emotionally, and physically thriving.

Restorative Escapes

We are dedicated to helping veterans find meaning in their lives and discover a sense of purpose no matter what chapter of their lives they are in. We provide the opportunity to take a pause in life with our compassionate guides and explore the world. We believe that travel can be an effective way to gain the clarity and insight needed to make important decisions in life. We strive to create an environment of safety, trust and understanding.


Our goal is to help individuals find the answers they need to start living the life they have always wanted through what we call "restorative escapes". Initially we are partnering with comfortable accommodations on landscaped property that are  nestled on a cliffside overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in Antigua and with Airbnb's in the Shenandoah Mountains to offer 7 day escapes full of inspiration, relaxation, and fun. We look to add many more adventures based on veteran's preferences and needs.

grayscale-shot-young-soldier-praying-while-kneeling-dry-grass (1).jpg

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